We hand layup each pair of sunglasses. We start with carbon fibre cloth and drape it over the contours of the mould. We align the weave to maximise its strength and then impregnate with epoxy.

2/2 Twill

Because of the complex and intricate contours required in sunglasses design, we typically use a 2/2 Twill weave carbon cloth (shown at right). This allows the cloth to drape the moulds, and press into the tighter areas. It looks great and has more of a 'diagonal' pattern when viewed in the light.


Plain weave is the next most popular pattern we use. It gives more of a 'checkerboard' pattern, and a tighter weave that is harder to drape and fit into tight contours, but aesthetics are great.


We're pushing the limits of sunglasses design. Instead of solid injection moulding, or thick flat sheet CNC milling of the sunglasses frames and arms, we wanted to utilise a hollow-core, stressed-skin design.

Carbon fibre products start life as two separate materials: the carbon fibre cloth, and the epoxy. While they remain separate they are weak, but bringing them together they form a whole composite material that is stronger than the sum of the two components.

It is this synergy of carbon fibre with the epoxy matrix that allows us to take advantage of the hollow-core design. Technically referred to as a 'monocoque', it is used in high performance jet aircraft and Formula 1 chassis. From experience, a stiffer, stronger structure can be achieved for the same or at a much reduced weight.



Created for and developed by the surfing industry, our epoxy is second to none.

Crystal Clear

Cures completely clear, leaving just the carbon weave visible. But also allows us to easily tint and mix colours to match to any fashion accessory. Almost every client colour request can be fulfilled.

UV Stability

Contains a UV absorber that increases the longevity of the final product. After over 1000 hours, little to no discolouration observed. Your sunglasses are in their element in the direct sun.


Amongst the strongest epoxies we've tested, and we've gone through a bunch. We've also tested some acrylic and polyester resins, but keep coming back to our workhorse epoxy.


Ultimate strength is useless without toughness. Our epoxy is not brittle as other epoxies have been notorious for. A little bit of flex, a little shock resistant, a large improvement in durability.